Butlers and household managers make daily life smooth and comfortable. Taylor Gray Ltd of London can help you find the right person. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Over the decades, the role of a butler has evolved into the modern household manager. Combining many of the traditional duties, such as formal table service, with more modern tasks, a proactive and flexible approach is essential for a modern household manager.

Taking responsibility for the smooth running of the household, together with property upkeep and maintenance, a household manager is often expected to supervise other members of the household staff as well as dealing with all third-party suppliers and contractors.

Due to the unique nature of every household, the position of household manager is clearly one that varies hugely from role to role, and the Taylor Gray Ltd team will help you find the right candidate for you. We work hard to ensure a good match between client and candidate.

  • Responsibilities and duties

  • Making sure the household runs smoothly, with the principals and guests catered to

  • Supervision of other staff, including hiring, firing, payroll management and performance reviews

  • Liaising with all contractors, suppliers and service providers

  • Writing and maintaining household manuals and policy documents

  • Training and development of staff

  • Property management, including budget administration and purchasing

  • Property maintenance

  • Keeping up to date with the evolving requirements of the household

  • Organisation of the household’s social calendars

  • Serving of meals, refreshments and drinks

  • Caring for tableware, as well as antiques and other household items

  • Any other additional services that may be required

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