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Hiring a domestic couple can be an excellent way to get the right private staff for your requirements. Taylor Gray Ltd of London can offer expert advice - please contact us for further information.

Hiring a Domestic Couple

When considering employing private staff, a domestic couple can be an excellent option, and a growth area within the industry, as more and more families realise the benefits. A busy household will find the flexibility and efficient teamwork of a domestic couple a valuable asset, helping to keep the home running smoothly. 


When hiring a domestic couple, you have a huge scope for combining roles: from cooking and housework to PA services, childcare and household management – the specifics of the role can be tailored to precisely meet your requirements. As well as more general duties, it is possible to specify more specialist requirements, such as gardening or vehicle maintenance.

Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple
  • A cost-effective solution – a joint salary is generally cheaper than paying for multiple individual roles

  • Synergy – with a close relationship, domestic couples tend to work together extremely efficiently

  • A flexible solution – domestic couples are generally able to multi-task and take on further responsibilities as the role evolves

  • Home security – a presence in your home while you’re away

  • Pet care – as a live-in team, your pets or animals will have people to care for them in your absence

  • Smooth and organised – a domestic couple can liaise on your behalf with contractors and any other workmen, as well as taking deliveries and dealing with any visitors

  • Domestic Couple Jobs are very popular and work well with a family for ease and holds many benefits

Domestic Couple Jobs for Candidates

If you are considering hiring a domestic couple, contacting the friendly and helpful team at Taylor Gray Ltd is an excellent first step. We will discuss your needs carefully to ensure we know precisely what you require from any potential candidates. After this, we will begin the process of finding the domestic couple best suited to the position.


With the extensive range of candidates to which we have access, we are confident that we can find the right couple for your household. We are extremely thorough in our vetting process, so you can feel confident that every candidate we present for your consideration will be qualified for the role and have a current DBS check in place. We will never suggest a candidate in who we are not completely confident.

Contact Taylor Gray LTD

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