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Information for Hiring Private Staff

With the assistance of Taylor Gray LTD, hiring private staff won't be a minefield, whether you're hiring for your home or business in London and the Home Counties. We love it when we see a thriving and happy relationship flourish between clients and candidates we place together, and we will work with you to make sure this happens.

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Settling In

When employing someone, you should expect it to take a certain amount of time for them to settle in their new role, and for both of you to find your feet. When starting a position in a home, the candidate may feel nervous and worried about doing well and meeting your expectations. Be patient with them and let them find their way in their new role.

We arrange meetings one week into candidates starting their roles to make sure both parties are happy. 

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When offering a position to a candidate, proper etiquette would be to offer the job in writing, making sure to list all relevant information within the job offer. Contracts should be written up and sent before the candidate starts their role, to give them enough time to read through and be able to discuss any possible amendments. 

You will also be expected to arrange for all income tax and National Insurance to be paid for the employee. We can't provide contracts, but we are happy to give you guidance. 

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Keeping In Touch

At Taylor Gray LTD, our business is building on the level of service we offer. We understand that our clients expect the very best and we take great care to place the right candidate with each client. We always maintain contact with both parties, so that if there are any issues, we will be able to offer assistance. 

We love to hear how things are going and are always at the end of the phone to discuss any problems or answer any questions you may have.


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