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A nanny’s role is to assist in the daily lives of your children. From bathing and dressing young children to washing their clothes, preparing their meals and generally organising and taking care of their possessions, a nanny is there to help you with any duties specifically related to the children of the household. They would not, however, be expected to undertake any household chores not directly related to the welfare of the children.


A live-in nanny will undertake all the duties that a nanny would normally be expected to take care of, and in addition would be expected to provide babysitting services, usually twice a week. Any additional babysitting duties, particularly at weekends, would generally be paid in addition to the nanny’s salary, and would be discussed prior to them taking the position. Due to the nature of a live-in position, other additional duties may be appropriate.


A live-out nanny will perform all the duties that one would expect, but any babysitting would be in addition to their normal role, and they would normally work on a set schedule rather than being on call in the way a live-in nanny might be. Any expectations of babysitting or duties outside of normal hours should be discussed and agreed before an offer of employment is made or accepted. Taylor Gray Ltd can help you find the right candidate for your needs.

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