Professional personal assistants make life so much simpler! Taylor Gray Ltd of London are adept at finding the right person for each client. Contact us today to let us know your requirements, and we will begin the search for the perfect candidate!


The role of a PA is to make your life easier, it’s as simple as that. Taking on duties that would distract you from more important things, whether that’s in business or in your personal life, a PA is there to help with tasks such as administration, liaising with contractors and other members of staff, and ensuring that your calendar is kept up to date so that you can maintain your schedule effectively. The team at Taylor Gray Ltd can help you find the right corporate or private PA. 


An Executive PA is the most valuable member of the team for many senior executives. Holding everything together, they will coordinate your schedule, ensure that your administration is kept up to date, and manage your professional correspondence. They will perform this role quietly and efficiently while you focus on the things that matter most, alerting you to anything they come across that requires your immediate attention. An Executive PA can help you work more efficiently.


A Private Household PA can perform many of the same functions as a Executive PA, but in the domestic setting. Keeping on top of your personal diary, they will ensure that family commitments are met, birthdays, anniversaries and important events are remembered, and the family is where they need to be at any given time! From dinner reservations to getting pets to the vet, a personal PA can help you to prioritise the things that really matter to you, dealing with the hassles of everyday life.

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