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Updated: Jun 30

Personal Assistant at Work

When you’re looking for any household staff in Brighton, it’s important to be very clear about what attributes and qualities you require, but this is particularly the case when it comes to finding the right personal assistant.

An article for Influencive recently offered some top tips for finding the best personal assistant, which might be especially useful to you if this is the first time you’re hiring for this position.

At the top of the list of key attributes for a PA is being a great communicator. They will need to listen closely to your requests and have the confidence to ask questions if they don’t understand something.

Of course, they will also be liaising with many other people within your personal and work life to balance your schedule, so being a good communicator is key. They also need to be flexible, and be able to prioritise their work to allow for urgent tasks that may come up at different times.

You also need to take the time to find a PA who has a personality that matches yours. This person will become a key member of your team and is someone you will communicate regularly with, so you need it to be someone you feel comfortable with and who you trust.

When you find the right personal assistant, they can work for you for years and you can form a strong bond with them. Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr recently announced his devastation at the sudden death of his long-time personal assistant Jimmy Rich, who died in a car accident. Rich had been working with the actor since 2003, Deadline reported.

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