The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple

Updated: Jun 28

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There are various options available to families thinking about hiring private staff to help them manage their day-to-day affairs, but a growing trend that has emerged over the last few years - one that may well be right for you - is the hiring of a domestic couple to assist you with the running of your household.

Domestic couples are those that have been professionally trained to provide a vast array of different services, working within a private home. One of the biggest benefits of going down this route is that your chosen couple will know how to work particularly well as a team, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible day in, day out.

They will bring with them a wealth of different capabilities and will have experience in a range of different areas, so will certainly be able to help you with everything from childcare and gardening to Chauffeur, Housekeeping and many other household duties.

Not only can it be more efficient to hire a couple than a single person, or perhaps have different staff members for different tasks, but it can also be a lot more cost-effective. Another added benefit is they will work wherever the job is based, because they will not have to be near family and rooted to one place. Domestic Couples are very popular on Estates in the Country, but very commonly found working on London homes.

Domestic couples come in many forms, whether they’re family members, in an actual relationship or just two people who have worked together closely over the years. Because they’re so familiar with each other, they know each other’s working style and this can only benefit you and your household exponentially.

One key point to bear in mind, however, is that domestic couples typically live onsite so they will need to be provided with appropriate accommodation, generally separate from the main house to allow them privacy and help them feel at home, comfortable and at ease.

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