Christmas in Private Households

Updated: Jul 9

Traditional living room decorated for Christmas

The time of year is upon us where it gets busy and bustly in your homes you work in. It all goes mental, and each and everyone has their part to play in making it run and work well. Christmas is the time when all of the members in the house you work come together and spend time together. They are looking for the Nanny to step up and create fun and joyful activities for the children to do. The Personal Chef in the family kitchen is creating a culinary delight for Christmas Day, Turkey and all the trimmings maybe. A professional family will have the House Manager who will be organising the members of staff, from the Housekeepers to the Butler and Chauffeur. Making sure it all runs to schedule.

You will be run of your feet but with the other staff member standing right there next to you, it will make it that little bit better. You may be overseas working and away from your family. Smile and you will get through this busy time.

Merry Christmas to all of you working in Private Homes at this time of year, and more so with the way it has been this year.

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