How to Get Hired: A Chauffeur's Guide to Creating an Excellent CV

Updated: Jun 28

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Whether you are applying for your first chauffeur role or you want to tailor your existing CV to complement a particular position in the private staffing industry, we’ve put together our top tips to creating a successful CV that will help you get through to that crucial interview stage. Here at Taylor Gray, we are no stranger to a good CV. Read on to discover how to create a well structured CV from scratch or how to make an average one extraordinary.

Stand Out

Hundreds of private families want to hire a chauffeur and as a result, you will be competing against multiple candidates for the role. As a recruitment agency for private staff, we receive hundreds of CVs each month and we use the information located on a CV to set you apart from other candidates. A CV is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself but in order to get noticed, you should include information that makes you stand out. What are the unique characteristics that you possess that make you excel at your job and what is your USP? Is there a particular role that you excelled in previously that makes you the ideal choice? Make sure these details are included at the top of your CV in the personal statement section.

Tailor Your CV

A generic CV will show off your skillset but it won’t highlight your suitability for a specific job role. A tailored CV will. Have a copy of the job description in front of you and incorporate key words into your application. In order to show how you can be a vital addition to an employer’s workforce, you must list your work experience starting with the most recent. It is important to think strategically when deciding which driving roles to include. When looking at your work history, keep the hirer’s needs at the forefront of your mind and question whether the experience gained in that role is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Use Bullet Points

It’s important that your CV is formatted professionally. Big blocks of text aren’t so easy on the eye and when you have hundreds of applicants all competing for one role, how you structure your CV matters. A recruiter should be able to skim a CV and still soak up the important information, don’t make the person who receives your CV hunt for the information.

Keep It Concise

Your career history may be extensive, especially if you have worked in the chauffeur industry for a number of years but it’s wise to keep your CV to two pages maximum. It is important to think strategically when deciding which roles to include. Before you include references from previous employers on your CV, make a note of the document’s length. If your CV is already taking up 2 pages, simply save valuable space and finish the document by letting your recruiter know that references are available on request.

Proofread It

Lastly, make sure you check your CV for any spelling or grammatical errors. Enlist another pair of eyes to check the document for careless mistakes before you click send and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. taking the time to format and proofread the text as well as tailoring your application to a specific role could be the difference between making it to the interview stage and landing your dream job and losing out to other candidates.

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