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Updated: Jun 28

Here at Taylor Gray, we know that when it comes to running a household successfully, private staffing is only one factor. Staffing and securing your home go hand in hand and protecting your family and employees is a priority for many, so we want to introduce you to the best in the business. Hunter Protection.

We have interviewed Karen Connell who specialises in elite security solutions, catering for HNW families, royalty, diplomats, celebrities and public figures. Her goal is to help you make personal protection a priority. Who Is Karen Connell? Karen Connell spearheads one of the industry’s most well respected personal protection companies, Hunter Protection, an organisation she designed to revolutionise the security industry in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Karen explains, “In an industry that is besieged with variable standards, poor staff engagement and high turnover, my eye for detail and experience in communication and behaviour magnifies value to clients”. Who Can Benefit from Hunter Protection’s Services? Since Hunter Protection was founded, it has protected royalty, heads of state, diplomats, celebrities, HNW individuals and families. Hunter Protection is on hand to help you implement an unobtrusive and discreet yet powerful home protection plan that is bespoke to you. Our clientele is HNW families and individuals who have a genuine need for security, and have usually been disappointed, sometimes tragically so, by security companies who act like recruitment agents. Our attention to detail and level of service is unashamedly not for everyone, but that’s why we can proudly call ourselves elite. How Does Staff Training Work? Hunter Protection works with your household staff to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected. The pressure household staff are under can be intense on a normal day, now throw in a property invasion, attempted kidnap, or armed robbery; we make sure you know who does what, when and how. Relying solely on the actions and responses of external security staff who might be compromised or otherwise engaged, is a recipe for disaster. Hunter Protection’s staff training helps households work as a team to prevent crisis, but also to work effectively should crisis envelope the property and persons within. My objective is to create a safe household as opposed to a house that has security. To achieve this, household staff and family members need to have a plan, practice it, and pay attention to anything that might threaten the harmony of the property. How Can You Help Taylor Gray Clients? Taylor Gray and Hunter Protection can work together to create a well-run and harmonious household. Taylor Gray’s strength is knowing the physical duties required to run a house while Hunter Protection can concentrate on how people’s behaviour might impact how employees perform those tasks. What Sets Hunter Protection Apart? British military discipline, elite force training and impressive behind the scenes planning are all standard operating procedures for Hunter Protection, but it is my background in communication and team behaviour that differentiates Hunter Protection. For the past 30 years, I have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world helping them to understand how people work and behave under intense pressure, and then training them to use that energy positively. I now bring that experience to help not only security operatives but also household staff, and family members. Hunter Protection is one of the very few security companies who prioritises behaviour and communication for their operatives, and the families and households they serve. I spend a lot of time reading and interpreting communication to understand people’s motivations, habits, and how that might positively or negatively impact my clients’ security and the overall harmony of the house. What is the Benefit of Background Checks? As employers or recruiters it is human nature to spend more time qualifying a person than disqualifying them, and even by checking multiple references, mistakes (poor hiring choices) happen. Background checks through Hunter Protection offer a different level of insight into a potential employee’s behaviour; my experience and eye for detail means I am able to read between the lines and help clients see what someone’s true motivation might be, and how that might lead to undesirable behaviour and outcomes for the team. Regardless of all the security technology available, until we become a nation of robots, human behaviour will reign supreme and mistakes are made; Hunter Protection’s operating procedures are created for efficiency but are designed for humans. Our back office support team ensures that everyone in the house knows what to do in an emergency so we can guard against panic and limit the damage criminals are looking to inflict. We also extend our safety briefings and training to neighboring properties so that everyone in the immediate area can play an active role in guarding against complacency, unsafe behaviour, and habits that serve the criminal element. Can You Give Our Clients an Example of Your Advanced Vetting Process? Absolutely. You are checking a job applicant’s social media account. What behaviour raises a “red flag” in terms of the applicant being able to contribute to a safe household? a) Regular almost daily posts about themselves b) Responses to other people’s post whether they know them or note c) Photos of clients or client property Answer: All of the above can be problematic. While Answer C “photos of clients or client property” is obviously a very big problem, the seemingly more innocent behaviour described in A & B can be incredibly telling. People who live their life on social media tend to be those who crave attention, and are looking for positive affirmation of their opinions. It’s not the rule that those people are untrustworthy, but it’s not a big leap to wonder if those people are more susceptible to flattery, and therefore might be seduced into betraying a client’s business. Let’s Discuss Challenging Gender Roles Within the Security Industry Hunter Protection is spearheaded by a woman which is still a fairly new phenomenon in what is largely a male run industry. As both a business woman and a security professional, we are inspired by her as an industry leader and we look forward to seeing her progress and watching her influence others to follow in her footsteps. For Karen Connell, being a female entrepreneur has allowed her to bring something new to the role of household security and the response to this from a client perspective has been nothing buy positive. A winning combination of intelligence, communication, empathy, and an exacting eye for detail has given Hunter Protection a USP that garners respect from her rare clientele. Karen reveals, “Successful personal protection also relies on emotional intelligence, and as such female CPOs and residential security teams often have the edge over male counterparts, particularly when it comes to picking up changes in atmosphere, sensing difference or danger. Attackers have been conditioned to look for male bodyguards, so females benefit from a distinct ‘surprise’ advantage, blending in easily and not drawing attention to clients and putting them, paradoxically, at more risk.” Karen continues “The response from clients discovering I’m female and run the company is overwhelmingly positive. I find that when I walk into the room, the lady of the house feels comfortable to ask questions that she might not have asked a man. I’m also the person that she will pull to one side and ask me to call her as soon as her son/daughter gets into trouble.” You can find out more about the services Hunter Protection offers here.

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