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Updated: Jun 28

Taylor Gray's Article in Luxuria Lifestyle

We're delighted to have been featured in the luxury lifestyle magazine, Luxuria Lifestyle! You can read all about our brand in their latest feature.

"Imagine returning home to find everything in its place, your belongings meticulously organised, every surface sparkling, a freshly prepared nutritious meal awaiting your return, and a qualified professional on hand to cater to your individual childcare needs. This is a reality for many HNW individuals and families who recruit private staff via Taylor Gray Ltd. Spearheaded by entrepreneur Dominique Taylor, Taylor Gray is the name on the tip of the tongue of every HNW family in London and beyond. Her impeccable luxury private staffing system is praised worldwide for being 100 percent bespoke to every client’s needs." Luxury is a must and go to for HNW families, holidays are spent on Luxury Yachts, being looked after by the Crew, Personal Chef and some will have the onboard Nannies to look after the children. Hiring Private Staff for your home or when you are travelling will give the sense of the Luxury Lifestyle that HNW's expect. Our Article in Luxuria Lifestyle will explain more about Taylor Gray Ltd and how we work as an agency, a professional and Bespoke Private Staffing Agency,based in London but covering the whole of the UK and International. Placing all Household Staff and PA's in the Corporate world and Private Homes. Please do lick on the link below to be taken yo our article.

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