Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Butler

Updated: Jul 9

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The butler is at the centre of your household staff and thus may feel like a more complicated process than other house staff recruitment.

In certain respects, this is true; unlike a cleaner, chef or chauffeur, a butler’s role is multifaceted, relies on unique and often intangible skills and is a core part of managing other household staff.

However, by asking a few simple questions to yourself, you can be mindful of what you need from your butler and how a butler will alter your current dynamic.

What Would You Need Your Butler To Do?

Butlers are a highly adaptable part of the household staff, so the first question to ask is where they will practically fit in your overall staff roster.

Would your butler serve primarily as a point of contact for yourself, welcoming guests and taking phone calls? Would they serve as your chauffeur or personal assistant?

Make a note of the tasks you would need your butler to do and prioritise finding a butler with these particular skills. If you expect them to be largely independent or manage your staff, ensure your butler is skilled at leading a group.

When Do You Need Your Butler?

There are typically three working arrangements for butlers: full time, part-time and live-in. It is of pronounced importance to set expectations and be clear about when you need your butler to work, particularly if they are working longer hours or during the night.

If you want a live-in butler, you will also need to consider accommodation and what facilities can and cannot be used beyond working hours.

How Much Access Should Your Butler Have?

Your home may have areas that you want to keep off-limits to any household staff, including your butler. These can include your office or other areas with sensitive information.

Butlers are experts in discretion and confidentiality, as without confidentiality most tasks expected of a butler are simply not possible. Set expectations before they start the role on where they can and cannot go.

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