Stories of working in a Private Household

Updated: Jul 9

Butler holding tray with shoes, tie and bow tie

For all of you tired, stressed and panicked people out there who are struggling with where we are at the moment due to that dreaded word COVID - I felt it would be a nice idea to send some positive vibes out to you all to try to spread a feeling of calm.

Working in private homes for the individuals you work for has its challenges at the best of times and has you working very long hours, not your average Monday to Friday either. You work these hours and days to provide a service to your principles, of a first class standard, why? Because you take pride in your work and know that what you do cannot be done by just anyone, it takes, patience, energy, passion and a few cheeky gin and tonic's on your day off!!

A fully staffed house will have your well-presented and well-spoken House Manager or/and Butler who run the home. They will be the face of the house when guests and visitors are there, knowing who they are, greeting them with a smile and professional touch that you would receive in a 5 star hotel.

There will be the chef in the kitchen whipping up a frenzy of flavours and amazing Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners for the whole family. They know what the family like and will work around all dietary and lifestyle needs. Children running around with the Nanny in tow, laughter and fun to be had. The knowledgeable Chauffeur outside prepping the car, making sure it is clean and has the bottles of water in the back for when stuck in the traffic jam and their principle is thirsty! House all clean and tidy with the lovely Housekeeper running around making sure everything is clean and tidy and in place.

If you are the Personal Assistant of an individual in their home, this will more than not be a dual role with their professional life possibly in the office, long hours and definitely

will be looking at a long day, stressful but rewarding.

This is what I mean when I say how tiring and challenging this work can be, and sometimes it's a wonder why people want to work as staff in Private homes.


Trust me your boss knows your worth and will be trying their hardest to keep you in employment, and for the unfortunate ones who lost their jobs, then believe me, as soon as everything has calmed down and safe/able to have you back then jobs will be sprouting up all around us. You are the glue in the house, you are what makes it work and to the standard that is being looked for. Never under estimate what staff working in a fully staffed household can do and will do to get the job done. So you need to trust that we will get to the other side of the dramatic and sad year we have had so far, and come through with normality coming back.

My view on it, if you lost your job then I guarantee a better one is around the corner waiting for you and do not take it to heart you lost your job, and if you kept your job but been surrounded by a weird home with uncertainty then it will return to a strong place to work where you will be proud that you made it through with a principle who obviously fought to keep you.

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