The Benefits of Using an Established Agency

Updated: Jun 28

Benefits to Using an Established Agency to find Private Household Staff

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Running a home alongside family and personal commitments is no easy feat but there is help at hand. Hiring a professional housekeeper can ensure your home is organised to an impeccable standard. There are, of course, a number of ways to hire a housekeeper but outsourcing the hiring process to a specialised agency has a number of benefits. The Best Candidates in Your Area One of the reasons so many HNW families choose to hire a housekeeper via an agency is because when you do this, most of the groundwork is taken care of for you. Rather than sifting through the thousands of housekeepers available in your area, an agency will have the best candidates on a register and can provide you with a shortlist for consideration. Taylor Gray hire only the most talented and qualified private staff so you can rest assured that a high-calibre placement is guaranteed. Expert Advice When you recruit a housekeeper with the help of an agency like Taylor Gray, you can take advantage of their industry knowledge. They know all kinds of useful information that makes hiring a housekeeper a breeze. You can ask any questions you have related to hiring private staff for your home and seek advice on anything from the duties you expect your housekeeper to carry out to salary guidelines. This can save you both time and money on your search for a suitable housekeeper. A Simplified Process If you have never hired a housekeeper before, you may be unsure of where to start when it comes to the hiring process which undoubtedly involves multiple interviews and the drawing up of contracts, not to mention the stress of locating candidates. Without the help of a professional recruitment specialist, finding the perfect housekeeper for you and your family can be a minefield. There’s Cvs to read, references to peruse and qualifications to vet. While we won’t draw up a contract for you, we will offer expert guidance to make sure you have all of the logistics covered. On Going Support Hiring a housekeeper is only the first step when it comes to simplifying the management of a home. There is the settling in period where you get to know your housekeeper and learn to manage a household side by side. When you choose an established agency to employ private household staff, you can gain valuable advice on how to find your feet and the agency will keep in touch to ensure the housekeeper is a great fit for your household and are on hand to offer continued support as you iron out any initial teething problems. We know that the needs of a household change often and we are here to help you adapt as your commitments grow or your circumstances change. Could you benefit from a housekeeper? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with us and let us save you time when searching for the ideal candidate.

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