The Most Important Qualities In A Butler To Look For

Updated: Jul 9

Butler holding tray with cup and newspaper

A butler is an extraordinary member of your household staff, who must possess several particular qualities to truly succeed in keeping your house in order.

A butler acts much like the front-of-house of a restaurant, and acts as an intermediary, between the family, guests and the rest of the kitchen and cleaning staff. The origins of the word butler as a “cupbearer” belies just how varied the roles of a modern butler are.

Here are some of the key character qualities needed in a successful butler.

Interpersonal Skills And Communication

A butler talks to many people and serves as a filter for which the family can communicate to the rest of the staff, as well as being the first face guests will see.

Not only should their diction be crisp and clear, but they should be able to filter orders and requests between the different groups, whilst remaining impeccable politeness and charm.

They should also be a welcoming ear, listening to concerns and providing support when requested.

Keep Calm

Keeping cool in a crisis is important in any field, but especially when requests come thick and fast and plans change at the last minute.

Keeping a smile on your face and completing what is asked is critical to success.


Butlers are more than the sum of their duties. They perform a great deal of emotional labour and listen to the problems of the house. This gives them access to a great deal of sensitive information about which they must be confidential.

Trust is a critical part of a butler’s skillset.

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