The Most Important Quality In A Butler

Updated: Jun 30

Butler standing with shoes, bow tie and tie on tray

Of all the members of private staff a household is likely to have, the butler is the one that has the most varied set of duties and must be able to adapt the most.

Depending on the size of the household and indeed the needs and wants of the family, the butler may be tasked with primarily acting as an intermediary between the family, guests and the rest of the staff, or may be more active in their duties.

They can provide silver service for all kinds of guests, but also are managers of the household, organise deliveries of food and other stock and will manage the bills of the household, working as a manager to reduce the stress of the household they serve.

However, whilst distinguishing between protocol, etiquette and manners is essential, and you will need to adapt your diction to be able to effectively communicate with your household, the most important quality in a butler is far simpler than this.

To be a butler, you must be truthful.

Irrespective of any other duties a butler has, a household that employs them is placing a great deal of trust in them simply by allowing you to work in their home.

Whilst any other part of a butler’s duties can be learned and improved upon, being honest, discreet and loyal to your household are inherent traits in a butler, and possessing these qualities is vital to provide adequate service and have a fulfilling career.

Trust can take a long time to build and just a second to destroy, so being trustworthy is more important than any other aspect of their duties.

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