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Salary Guidelines for Private Staff and Personal Assistants

Using our experience and knowledge, Taylor Gray LTD offer advice on appropriate salary guidelines for people looking to employ private staff in London and the Home Counties. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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  • Nanny: £500-£800 NPW

  • Travelling Nanny: £600-£800 NPW

  • Nanny/PA: £550-£700 NPW

  • Governess: £650-£1400 NPW

  • Maternity Nurse: £250-£400 per day

  • Tutor: £200+ per day

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  • Housekeeper: £500-£600 NPW

  • Housekeeper/cook: £500-£600 NPW

  • Housekeeper/nanny: £500-£600 NPW

  • Senior housekeeper: £45-£60,000 per annum

  • Live-in housekeeper: £450+ NPW

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Household Staff

  • Domestic couple: £900-1200 NPW

  • Gardener: £28-45,000 per annum

  • House manager: £50-100,000 per annum

  • Estate manager: £45-100,000 per annum

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Annual salaries for private chefs usually range between £50,000 and £80,000 per annum, depending on experience, position and requirements.

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  • Chauffeur: £40-60,000 per annum

  • Close protection officer/driver: £45-100,000 per annum

  • Butler: £60-80,000 per annum

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Personal Assistants

  • Personal Assistant - home and corporate: £40-80,000 per annum

  • Executive Assistant: £60-120,000 per annum


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